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The classes offered in our Women’s Education Center open doors and introduce guests to a world of possibilities.

This year, the Women’s Education Center provided on-site and remote instruction to nearly 270 students through our Computer Lab, on-site classes Zoom, English learning phone calls, and a Cell-Ed phone program to support English language learning.

Volunteer teachers, tutors and substitutes are trained by staff members to teach classes customized to meet the everyday needs of women seeking to create lives in the United States.

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Francisca had a goal to learn English and become a citizen.

Registration and Class Schedules:

Drop-in Computer Lab

Practice English, typing and basic computer skills, conduct an online job search, and learn Spanish.

For more information, contact Sara Jorgensen at 617.320.5957 or

In-Person English Classes

Classes starting March 2024

For more information, contact Sara Jorgensen at 617.320.5957 or

Want to learn English or Spanish on your cell phone any time? Contact Sara Jorgensen at 617.320.5957 or today to sign up for Cell-Ed!