Who We Are

Our Impact

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Because of friends like you, Rosie’s Place can provide hope and unconditional support to women struggling with homelessness and poverty. Over the past year, we:

  • Completed more than 29,000 visits with guests more than double from last year, both on-site and through our Advocacy Helpline to assist guests with eviction prevention and utility help, accessing shelter, obtaining birth certificates, transportation, services letters and toiletries. 1,626 women were helped with eviction prevention, a 39% increase from last year.

  • Served more than 103,000 nutritious and culturally inclusive meals, a 63% increase from the previous year. Our Dining Room was open 365 days with breakfast, lunch and dinner offered on-site or to-go. The demand for lunch alone increased by a staggering 88%. Our Food Pantry provided groceries to up to 350 women daily and over 1,700 unique guests each week. 

  • Provided safe and welcoming stays to 177 guests. A total of 231 guests accessed housing search services, with 16 women securing permanent or transitional housing.

  • Provided safe and welcoming respite for thousands of women with a range of lifelines to guests in need of emergency support. Our Front Desk staff helped guests access a combined 2,297 showers, 854 loads of laundry, and over 3,700 appointments to use private phones or computers.

  • Ensured that 100% of the 92 guests who worked with our Stabilization Advocates remained housed and stable. Our team assisted with support services such as funding for back rent and utilities, furniture, referrals to therapy and detox programs, and housing court assistance.

  • Assisted nearly 1,000 guests with legal aid and resources related to family law, immigration, housing, employment and CORI sealing through in-person visits and our Legal Helpline. This included  437 guests who received third-party extended support in collaboration with our legal partners.

  • Provided educational opportunities to nearly 270 English to Speakers of Other Languages students on-site, in computer labs, over Zoom, through English learning phone calls and the Cell-Ed phone program to support English language learning. Our Employment Specialist helped 277 women through 647 job-related visits and placed 24 women in jobs with 13 additional women participating in job training programs.

  • Met with more than 200 guests each quarter on-site and in the community to provide resources and referrals for substance use disorder programs, including detox, sober homes, intensive outpatient programs, and recovery groups.
  • Advocated for city, state and federal policies that improve conditions and experiences for our guests. Conducted monthly meetings with at least 10 guests on topics related to legislative priorities. 
  • Our Employment Specialist provided 700 sessions assisting guests with job searches and applications, resume writing, and building interview skills. And now, we are also helping guests to navigate unemployment benefits and seek work in new fields.
  • Our Housing Stabilization program helped 100% a caseload of 58 guests to remain housed and stable this year and 60 women received regular visits through our Friendly Visitor program.
  • Our Wellness Center welcomed 2,500 guest visits for health and medical assistance. We now screen each guest who visits us for COVID-19 symptoms, performing an average of 90 medical screenings daily.
  • Through our Public Policy program, 300 women were empowered to learn more about their rights and take actions that foster change on issues that affect poor and homeless women.

Our Programs & Services

    • Emergency Support - We offer meals 365 days a year; a food pantry with non-perishable items and fresh produce; showers, laundry and lockers; overnight beds for up to 28 days; and providers for health and wellness care.
    • Ongoing Support - Multi-lingual Advocates offer one-on-one assistance with short- and long-term issues. Expert help is provided by our Legal Program, Recovery Support Navigator, mental health, employment and housing search specialists. Through our public policy program, we engage guests in the fight for social justice. Our Women's Education Center provides women with free ESOL, literacy and computer classes.

Who We Serve

    • Many of the women we assist are working but simply can’t make ends meet.
    • Some are newly homeless, while other women have been living on the streets for years.
    • We serve women as young as age 18 and as old as 80.
    • Approximately one-third of our guests are accompanied by children.
    • Some of our guests are living with severe health problems or have hidden disabilities such as substance abuse disorder or mental illness.
    • Our guests represent a wide variety of ethnic groups, including African-American, Hispanic, Haitian, Chinese, African and white women.
    • We offer a safe haven to LGBTQIA+ women and our Overnight Shelter and other services are all available to those in need who self-identify as women.


Our Staff & Leadership

  • Rosie's Place employs a staff of 98.
  • The Board of Directors at Rosie's Place brings the diverse areas of expertise, perspectives, resources, networks, and ideas that Rosie's Place needs to grow and thrive. Our Board is comprised of 15 members. These individuals are also part of six sub-committees including our Strategic Planning and Governance Committees.